Plywood Sheet Price

Plywood Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

Inside the space of improvement and internal parts arrange, plywood sheet price stand as imperative materials, serving as the spine for distinctive assistant and enhancing applications. Composed of incline layers of wood polish stuck together, plywood sheets offer unparalleled quality, dauntlessness, and adaptability, making them a favored choice for builders, modelers, and DIY aficionados alike.

Plywood sheets are outlined wood sheets that include of distinctive layers or “handles” of wood clean strengthened along side cement underneath tall weight and warm. This improvement technique makes strides the assistant adroitness of the texture, giving it with unprecedented quality and dimensional strength.

Understanding Plywood Sheets

Introduction Within the domain of development and insides plan, plywood sheets stand as crucial materials, serving as the spine for different auxiliary and enhancing applications. Composed of lean layers of wood polish stuck together, plywood sheets offer unparalleled quality, steadiness, and flexibility, making them a favored choice for builders, architects, and DIY devotees alike.

Standard Sizes Available in Pakistan

Plywood sheets are available in a expand of standard sizes inside the Pakistani promote, catering to diverse improvement prerequisites. Understanding these standard sizes is essential for reasonably orchestrating and executing advancement wanders. Underneath are the common standard sizes of plywood sheets available in Pakistan:

1. 4′ x 8′ Plywood Sheets

The first commonly utilized degree in Pakistan and globally. Idealize for diverse applications such as divider sheathing, fabric, and flooring. Offers ease of managing with and foundation due to its standardized dimensions.

2. 3′ x 6′ Plywood Sheets

Hardly humbler than the standard 4′ x 8′ sheets.
Suitable for smaller-scale wanders or locales with space constraints.
Habitually utilized in internal parts arrange, furniture manufacturing, and cabinetry.

3. 2′ x 4′ Plywood Sheets

Compact gauge sensible for humbler wanders or nitty dirty work.
Routinely utilized in making, model-making, and DIY projects.
Offers adaptability in applications requiring correct dimensions.

4. Custom Sizes

Some suppliers may offer customization choices to meet specific expand requirements.
Custom sizes allow for custom fitted courses of action to one of a kind advancement needs.
Costs for custom-sized plywood sheets may alter based on estimations and judgments.

Lasani Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

Encounter the apex of quality and solidness with Lasani sheets, eminent for their immaculate wrap up and unflinching strength. Their estimating in Pakistan is custom fitted to suit different inclinations, decided by estimate and thickness. For occurrence, a standard sheet measuring 4 feet in width, 8 feet in tallness, and 16mm thick is estimated competitively between Rs. 3,200 to 5,700. Raise your ventures with Lasani sheets, where each buy epitomizes a commitment to persevering brilliance and unwavering quality.

Company NamePrice per Sheet
Al-NOORRs. 5,700
ZRKRs. 4,200
PATEX (Pakitex)Rs. 5,700
Saada ZRK LasaniRs. 3,300
lasani sheet

Chipboard Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

Find chipboard cover sheets—cost-effective and flexible. With sizes and thicknesses to suit any extend, they offer esteem. Standard 4×8 feet, 16mm thick sheets run from Rs. 2,400 to 3,800. Update affordably.

Company NamePrice per Sheet
Saada ZRK ChipboardRs. 5,700
ZRKRs. 4,200
PATEX (Pakitex)Rs. 5,700
chipboard sheet price

Press Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

Plunge into the world of press sheets—essential for bundling and development ventures, with estimating in Pakistan custom fitted to estimate and thickness. A standard sheet, measured at 4×8 feet and 5mm thick, ordinarily ranges from Rs. 1,350 to 1,550. Encounter flexibility at its best.

Company NamePrice per Sheet
ZRK Rs. 1,300
PATEX (Pakitex)Rs. 1,500
Al-NOOR Rs. 1,500
Press sheet price

Supper Gloss Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

With a staggering tall sparkle wrap up, dinner sparkle (UV) sheets are pined for for insides plan and furniture craftsmanship. In Pakistan, their estimating depends on estimate and thickness. For a standard 4×8 feet sheet, 17mm thick, costs extend from Rs. 9,200 to 12,600. Lift your ventures with class.

Company NamePrice per Sheet
ZRK Rs. 9,300
PATEX (Pakitex)Rs. 12,600
Al-NOOR Rs. 10,500
Supper gloss sheet

Benefits of Plywood Sheets

Plywood sheets offer a stack of central centers, making them central in movement and carpentry wanders. With bewildering quality and soundness chosen from their cross-grain alter, plywood stands up to misshaping and allocate underneath overpowering loads, ensuring quality in different applications like flooring and surface. Flexibility rules preeminent with plywood, available in collected thicknesses, sizes, and grades to suit any wind require, in show disdain toward of the truth that its smooth surface licenses for fundamental wrapping up and customization. Cost-effective and actually neighborly, plywood’s competent utilize of wood resources and achievable making sharpens make it a favored choice for aces and DIY accomplices alike, epitomizing a come full circle blend of quality, flexibility, sensibility, and eco-consciousness


In conclusion, plywood sheets are essential for construction and design, offering unmatched strength and versatility. With standardized sizes and competitive pricing in Pakistan, they cater to diverse project needs. Renowned companies ensure quality products, while plywood’s durability, flexibility, and eco-friendliness make it a preferred choice. Overall, plywood epitomizes a perfect blend of quality, practicality, and environmental consciousness, solidifying its place in the industry.

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